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Harald Blue Tooth

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Malaga, es
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I only started playing total war when i read a pc mag about Medieval 2 and i bought it and have spent about a year and a half playing that and enjoyed it tremendously so needless to say i also got rome total war, alexander and barbarian invasion expansions and played that for 6 months and think they're pretty good. Empire has provided some good times and fun albeit with the many flaws, it's gotten a little better with 1.6 still though oceans of things that need to be corrected to make it a great game.Napoleon Total is a quite good game i think some flaws like the same duel movies from empire (a stand alone game, or another rushed release?) and a few things that shoud've been straightened out since march 2009 if you want to know what i mean look for my expressive opinions on these boards :-) Have a great day!  
Favorite TV Shows:
Csi Las Vegas, Miami and New York, Lost, 24, Supernatural. I used to watch a lot of x-files and Sopranos my all time favorite tv. show. I've got the boxset for x-files and sopranos and plan to watch them both again as i find them highly entertaining. Oh yeah just got 24 season seven i've only seen one episode so far because i've been playing empire offcourse.
Favorite Books:
L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology founder) Andres Escobar (columbian footballer, got shot in 1994 after returning from the world cup where he scored an own goal)
Favorite Quotes:
Confusion is an endless moneypitt. Quote (ME)

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Places to visit before you turn 100

The deepest abyss of your mind you might learn something about yourselfe?

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Dragon Age Origins (should be a good little rgp) eta nov. 2009. (Bioware)

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Mi Familia es toda mi vida.

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